A core benefit of meditation is also expanding your consciousness. Consciousness is also known as awareness. David Lynch stated this regarding consciousness;

“If you have a golf-ball-sized consciousness, when you read a book, you’ll have a golf-ball-sized understanding; when you look out a window, a golf-ball-sized awareness, when you wake up in the morning, a golf-ball-sized wakefulness; and as you go about your day, a golf-ball-sized inner happiness.

But if you can expand that consciousness, make it grow, then when you read about that book, you’ll have more understanding; when you look out, more awareness; when you wake up, more wakefulness; as you go about your day, more inner happiness.”

This universe is our canvas and we are the paintbrush of consciousness. The more one cultivates mental stillness and expands their consciousness, the better one can harmoniously paint and co-create the divine love and peace filled world they desire to live in. The world is as we are.

“What do sad people have in common? They have all built a shrine to the past, and they go there and do a strange wail and worship. What is the beginning of happiness? To stop being so religious like that.” – Hafiz

Meditation brings us into awareness of the sheer delight of the present moment. The point of power resides in the present moment, and meditation brings one completely into the present. The past and future are only in the mind – the Self exists in the now, beyond time and space, unbound by mere bodily existence and death.

This symbolizes that happiness, the true nature of one’s being is in the present moment. The mind “religiously” or habitually brings up thoughts pleasant or unpleasant of the past, as well as the possibilities for the future. Thoughts distance the individual from the present breath. Anticipation creates insecurity, memory creates unhappiness. Withdraw your awareness from past and future and simply be here and now..


Brain Waves

There are five major categories for brain wave activity. Meditation allows us to move from the higher frequency brain waves to the lower frequency, which stimulates different centers in our brain.

  • Gamma State (30-100 Hz) Cognitive functioning. Ideal state for retaining information, memory, and active learning. Also experienced during states of “universal love” and altruism.
  • Beta State (13-30 Hz) Alert mind state. Analytical, planning, assessing, categorizing or “working” and “thinking state of mind”. In this state we are able to complete conscious tasks like socializing, critical thinking, and writing. We operate in this state most of the day.
  • Alpha State (9-13 Hz) Mind begins to slow down and we feel relaxed, more peaceful, and grounded. Alpha state is experienced during and after yoga, walking in nature, reading, sexual activity, or other relaxing activities for the body and mind.
  • Theta State (4-8 Hz) Sleep and deep meditative state. The brain waves have slowed down and a deeper state of awareness is experienced with greater capacity for intuition and visualization.
  • Delta State (1-3 Hz) Deepest meditation and dreamless sleep state. Experienced meditators such as Tibetan monks can reach this state in an alert, awake phase. The average person experiences this in deep dreamless sleep. Healing and regeneration are experienced in this state hence why deep sleep is so vital in our healing process.
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