Meditation brings us into awareness of the sheer delight of the present moment. The point of power resides in the present moment, and meditation brings one completely into the present. The past and future are only in the mind – the Self exists in the now, beyond time and space, unbound by mere bodily existence and death.

The Persian poet Hafiz once said,

“What do sad people have in common? They have all built a shrine to the past, and they go there and do a strange wail and worship. What is the beginning of happiness? To stop being so religious like that.”

This symbolizes that happiness, the true nature of one’s being is in the present moment. The mind “religiously” or habitually brings up thoughts pleasant or unpleasant of the past, as well as the possibilities for the future. Thoughts distance the individual from the present breath. Anticipation creates insecurity, memory creates unhappiness. Withdraw your awareness from past and future and simply be here and now.

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